On One of the Greats

Widely admired and regarded as one of the all-time greats in the world of pharmacy, David Zilz’s pursuit of personal and professional excellence is simply second-to-none. Here, we’ve gathered reflections from pharmacy leaders across six decades on the importance of DZ and what he means to their lives and to their work.
David Zilz
Visante Series Tribute

Guided by DZ’s Passion

DZ is a friend to many in the pharmacy and healthcare field, mentoring and supporting countless past, present, and future leaders for over 50 years. Take a deeper dive into insights from some of the many DZ influenced with his immense wisdom and boundless passion.

DZ Legacy Video

David Zilz
Advice for Emerging Leaders

Connections with DZ

We at Visante decided to develop this video series as a tribute to DZ and to the work he has done to pave the way for pharmacy leaders and for our great profession. In doing so, the hope is that his impact, wisdom, and lessons can be shared with countless others for many years to come.
David Zilz
1 // Deep Thinking and Finding Connections
As professionals get trapped in operating and the day-to-day grind, how can we rise above this level of work and go deeper? Today we will have a discussion with DZ about how he spends his time and his strategy for going deeper and finding connections.
David Zilz
2 // Networking
We all know the power of a robust professional network. Arguably, today’s guest has one of the largest professional networks of all time. The reach of the people he has influenced is in the thousands. Today we have three things for DZ on his approach to connecting with others.
3 // The “Life Plan”
Many of us can feel lost amongst all the competing priorities we have. Both those in work and out of work. This leads to stress and burnout. Is there a better way to think about and plan our futures – even when the world around us seems so chaotic? Today we have three things for DZ on his approach to purposeful life planning and being clear on one’s priorities.
4 // Work and Faith
Integrating spiritual practices into one’s approach to work can be difficult. Culturally, we seem to be moving to separate these spheres of our lives more and more. How should our beliefs impact our lives generally and at work specifically? Today we have three things for DZ on his approach to integrating work and faith.
5 // Mentorship and Advice for Learners
We can all think of mentors and advocates we have had in our careers that helped us shape the people and professionals we are today. How do we best provide and receive mentorship? Today we have three things for DZ on his approach to mentorship and his advice for early career professionals and students.
6 // Organizational Politics and Reporting Structure
Peter Drucker characterizes academic health systems as one of the most complex organizations humans have created. The competing priorities, personalities, dollars and shifting alliances create a dynamic and challenging environment. What puts departments or people in a place to succeed? Today we have three things for DZ on his approach to surviving organizational politics – both internal and external.
7 // Effective Organizational Involvement and Board Participation
Being a part of something bigger than yourself and your organization can provide a perspective that makes you a better leader and employee. Many people engage in professional organizations, but only at a surface level and don’t get or deliver many results. How can we effectively engage with organizations to improve ourselves and our profession? Today we have three things for DZ on his approach to organizational involvement and board appointments.
8 // Strategy and Futurism
If we have learned anything in this COVID pandemic world over the last two years it is that predicting the next day’s events is challenging, let alone the next 5 years. What guidance is there about crafting strategies and thinking about the future in a chaotic world? Today we have three things for DZ on his approach to strategy and futurism.
David Zilz
9 // Legacy
As we move through our careers we often begin to focus on what we are going to leave behind – both the people and the results. When should we start to think about this part of our lives, and can we be intentional about leaving a legacy? Today we have three things for DZ on his approach to leaving and living a legacy.
10 // Life-long Learning
We are never fully baked – as professionals we are asked to continue to grow and develop and learn new skills. This is not only a mindset but a practice we need to be intentional about. How can we maintain this perspective as a life-long learner? Today we have three things for DZ on his approach to personal and professional growth and development.
11 // DZ’s Top 10
We provided a lot of DZ wisdom over the course of the series, but what would DZ most want to share to leaders of today and leaders of tomorrow? With eight and a half decades of life experience, including mentorship of future and existing pharmacy leaders for more than fifty years, we pushed DZ to narrow his thousands of ideas and suggestions to his "Top 10." Here are his best pieces of advice that have changed people’s lives and careers for the better and are most relevant to today's leaders. We felt this was a perfect way to wrap up this series.
DZ Photo Album

Images of an Icon

DZ serves his field tirelessly and is constantly engaged and positive in everything he does – a sentiment you can clearly see in images from his life. Take a look through still captures of a truly remarkable life and career.