340B solutions for total compliance and lasting success

The 340B program faces increasing scrutiny from both government and non-government entities. Compliance with evolving regulations and a continued focus on program transparency, program intent and utilization of 340B savings create multiple risk points for your organization. Visante’s independent, external audit support provides transparency to your 340B processes, allowing you to recognize any compliance gaps.

We work with all types of covered entities and tailor our approach accordingly:

  • Internal and external audit support, on-site and virtual HRSA audit support and Corrective Action Plan guidance in the event of HRSA audit findings
  • Management of manufacturer inquiries and audits
  • Gap analysis and targeted recommendations, focusing on long-term strategy in the mixed-use, clinic-administered and contract pharmacy space to ensure program optimization
  • Program implementation and development of internal oversight structure and maintenance, as well as interim staffing to operate the program
  • 340B Software RFP guidance, implementation and program re-designs
  • Program management and oversight for CEs such as Grantees and Vulnerable Hospitals

Visante’s experienced team members include Apexus 340B University graduates, many of whom have completed the Advanced Ops Certificate. Visante continues to support dozens of HRSA audits and manufacturer audits on behalf of our clients annually, which provides Visante the latest with auditing practices in the industry.

Specialized Expertise in 340B ESP™ – Visante’s 340B team provides a unique expertise in supporting 340B ESP™ data submission and price restoration analysis. 340B price resolution is a convoluted, lengthy process, and Visante removes the guess work and resources needed to manage this critical avenue to restoring revenue.  We have the knowledge and experience to immediately step-in and manage this process, helping you to improve your financial outlook.

The 340B ESP™ Process – The 340B ESP™ process can be complex and challenging. Learn more about how it works, and what common challenges you should be prepared for.

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