Supply chain support to optimize drug spend, efficiency and patient care

Supply chain and utilization management are complex and ever-changing functions of a pharmacy enterprise. To find success in these areas, disciplined focus and alignment must be prioritized. Visante’s supply chain experts help hospitals and health systems achieve reliable, safe and efficient drug supply chain performance while also realizing significant financial returns.

Elements of a high-performing supply chain strategy include:

  • Contracting across multiple sites of care
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Leveraging long-buy opportunities
  • Purchase order validation (POV)
  • Optimal cost of goods pricing
  • Inventory management strategies
  • Waste minimization strategies
  • Data-driven monitoring practices
  • Biosimilar stewardship

Establishing and maintaining a robust pharmacy supply chain and effectively managing drug utilization can be stressful and demanding tasks. Our team helps alleviate that stress by providing tailored support through our performance solutions or by developing your internal pharmacy team to excel in pharmacy supply chain optimization. Through our support, our clients are able to achieve positive financial and clinical results much more quickly and to a greater extent than would otherwise be achieved.

Visante’s drug supply and utilization management strategies lead to:

  • Lower drug expense
  • Increased purchasing power
  • Improved labor efficiency
  • Reduced on-hand inventory
  • Less waste
  • Better service to providers across all sites of care
  • Improved patient care, service and safety
  • Stronger biosimilar stewardship