Unique solutions to meet your compliance and operational needs

Providing pharmacy benefits can seem like an overwhelming task. Accreditation agencies, state insurance departments, special interest groups and your members all deserve your attention. The struggle to meet their needs while also balancing quality of care and cost is real. You need to plan carefully, be cautious with set-up and implement and execute flawlessly. While monitoring and auditing can be both daunting and tedious, astute executives recognize that these critical areas must not be overlooked.

How Visante can help

Fortunately, you don’t need to tackle this alone. Visante’s experts have years of operational and managerial experience in all aspects of managing pharmacy benefits for health plans, employers and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). We use our industry knowledge and best practices to find tailored solutions to fit your specific needs. We provide customized support to help you keep things running smoothly. 

Let Visante help you excel at:

  • Strategic planning and risk assessment
  • Clinical oversight, monitoring and review
  • Compliance with regulatory, accreditation and contractual requirements
  • Operational support and performance
  • Auditing and monitoring functions
  • System implementation and testing
  • Vendor RFP administration
  • PBM and other vendor oversight and auditing
  • Program and project management
  • Interim and supplemental staffing
  • Quality assurance
  • Training and education