High-performing pharmacy is in our DNA

Shannel Gaillard
Shannel Gaillard

Shannel Gaillard (PharmD, MBA, MS) is a consultant at Visante who has extensive knowledge and experience of optimizing pharmacy processes. 

Shannel finished her residency at the University of Wisconsin Health where she gained valuable skills in the areas of leadership, supply chain, and operations. One of her main accomplishments was converting operations of handling ephedrine as a controlled substance at UW Health and coordinating the annual hospital-wide DEA inventory. Overall, Shannel proved to be highly productive at creating and implementing strategic improvements within hospital pharmacies.

Shannel is a huge asset to our clients as she can bridge the gap between business and pharmacy to optimize overall strategy. Her extensive experience with evaluating productivity within a hospital's pharmacy makes her an expert in cost savings and internal operations. 

She received her MBA from The Citadel Graduate College, her PharmD from the Medical University of South Carolina and her MS in Health System Pharmacy Administration from the University of Wisconsin - Madison