Eliminate errors that could cost you and your patients

Visante’s expertise in discharge prescription services (“Meds to Beds”) and medication reconciliation can have a great impact on your organization’s patient care, patient satisfaction and outpatient pharmacy revenue. A well-honed program can also reduce the risk of medication-related readmissions. Our discharge prescription programs include:

Medication Reconciliation

Our work in this area has helped clients improve patient care through enhanced comprehensive medication histories and reconciliation. A quality medication reconciliation program catches errors that might otherwise result in adverse events throughout a patient’s stay at the hospital, while discharge reconciliation can help make sure take-home medications don’t cause complications that can lead to readmission.

Discharge Prescription Capture Program

Linking medication reconciliation and discharge prescription capture is an effective strategy that improves and sustains capture rates while optimizing patient care and prescription margins. We’ll work closely with you to integrate these two platforms to produce the best possible results for your patients and your organization.