Maximize savings and efficiency through a Consolidated Pharmacy Service Center

Expanding hospital systems will find a CPSC will help them deliver higher levels of patient care while driving improved efficiency and cost savings. As multi-hospital systems attempt to deliver on the promise of better care at a lower cost through “systemness,” Visante’s clients have successfully developed CPSC strategies that improve service levels with geographically disparate system facilities. A CPSC strategy is also a game changer for improving the financial aspects of supply chain and enabling pharmacy entrepreneurial growth. Visante’s approach to CPSC projects is highly customizable to meet client needs. We bring experts who have developed some of the most successful CPSCs across the country with many perspectives to maximize value for clients.

Critical to CPSC success is the optimal use of data, analytics and technology. Visante’s consultants bring business and financial acumen in these areas along with broad knowledge of hospital pharmacy and clinical services to ensure optimal CPSC strategies for the client.