Optimize 340B Program benefits for your organization and patients

Our highly-specialized 340B team of experts will come alongside you to make the most of 340B program savings and benefits for your organization and patients. We help you navigate complex regulatory oversight and continual market pressures to make sure underserved patient populations receive the medicines they need.

Achieve compliance excellence with Visante’s 340B compliance consulting and audit support. Evolving regulatory demands and a continued focus on program transparency, program intent, and utilization of 340B savings, create multiple risk points for your organization. Visante’s independent, external audit support continues to provide awareness to your 340B processes allowing you to recognize any compliance gaps while also focusing on new opportunities within the program.

340B ESP™ Support
Visante’s 340B team provides a unique expertise in supporting 340B ESP™ data submission and price restoration analysis. 340B price resolution is a convoluted, lengthy process, and Visante removes the guess work and resources needed to manage this critical avenue to restoring revenue.  We have the knowledge and experience to immediately step-in and manage this process, helping you to improve your financial outlook.

Improve your program’s performance so that you can develop and support patient care programs. We help you identify opportunities to streamline and elevate your 340B operations.  Our proven strategy will maximize your 340B program savings. 

340B for Program Management and Oversight
Streamline and simplify your 340B program by looking to our team to provide full or partial support of your 340B program compliance. Through our Program Management and Oversight team, we provide day-to-day compliance support to include a focus on cost reduction, revenue enhancement, and compliance success that ensure confidence in your 340B Program compliance, allowing you to reach your program goals.

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