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Anja Bio
Anja Wilkinson
Senior Director, 340B ACE

Anja Wilkinson (MBA, 340B ACE) is a 340B Program Director at Visante, where she provides strategic advisement and compliance support for all types of 340B Covered Entities. Anja's experience in developing and managing 340B programs in large health systems allows Visante's 340B program clients to achieve their compliance goals, continually improve their 340B program performance and position the 340B program for success.

Anja brings more than a decade of experience successfully managing large 340B programs. She was the 340B Program Manager at Saint Francis Health System in Tulsa and the 340B Compliance Director for INTEGRIS Health. In these roles, Anja ensured the 340B programs utilized a systemic approach so that the organization would gain the maximum benefit from their program. 

Anja has been a 340B ACE since 2017 and is a strong advocate for the 340B Program. She has worked directly with Senators and Congress resources concerning 340B on multiple occasions and served on the 340B Health Pharmacy Service Committee. 

Anja has a BBA in Business Administration from Northeastern Oklahoma University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.

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