High-performing pharmacy is in our DNA

Chris Clementi
Business Analyst

Chris Clementi specializes in data and financial modeling for hospitals and health systems. Chris’s expertise provides actionable insights into how to improve financial performance and clinical outcomes for clients, specifically with 340B Program optimization.

Before joining Visante, Chris worked at the University of Wisconsin Hospital System as a Business Operations Specialist. In his role there, Chris led an analytical staff responsible for reporting telephone services, patient MTM, pharmacy supply chain, specialty pharmacy revenue cycle and operations. He also developed and implemented monthly reporting structures to analyze current and potential capture, as well as employee workload reports. Chris was also an active participant in the leadership committee that was responsible for daily operations, contracting, financial analysis and budgeting.

Chris has completed three Epic Systems Certifications as they relate to data and data modeling (Caboodle, Cogito, and Clarity) making him a valuable asset as it relates to different analysis and data integrity.

Chris earned his Bachelor of Science in economics from the University of Wisconsin–Madison where he was also a student-athlete football player. Prior to transferring to Wisconsin, Chris attended Northern Michigan University where he also played football.