High-performing pharmacy is in our DNA

Dani Stewart
Dani Stewart
340B Data Analyst, 340B ACE

As a 340B Data Analyst at Visante, Dani is responsible for supporting Covered Entities (CEs) of all types in realizing and maintaining their compliance goals. Dani’s attention to detail, analytical skills and expertise with 340B program management provide Visante clients with critical compliance and communication skills that allow a proactive approach to program compliance.

Dani was previously a 340B and Purchasing Analyst at Kadlec Regional Medical Center where she worked closely with EPIC and numerous TPA split-billing software platforms. Her skill sets are centered around coordination, medication spend analysis and savings, and preparation focused on financial data for the organization’s C-suite.

At Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Dani was also a hospital buyer where she maintained oversight of medication purchasing and purchasing account validation. Before this, Dani was a Clinic Buyer working with purchasing programs for 63 clinics, including 35 340B “clean” child sites.

Dani was a Pharmacy Technician at Kadlec Regional Medical Center in the area of medication compounding and delivery.

Dani anticipates graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Data Management and Data Analytics from Western Governors University in 2024.