High-performing pharmacy is in our DNA

Michael Jensen
Senior Consultant

Michael Jensen has more than 23 years’ experience in Ophthalmic Pharmacy, in addition to pharmacy compliance.

In addition to his work with Visante, Michael is responsible for overseeing Ophthalmic Pharmacy services at Intermountain Healthcare where he built ophthalmic services for Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, as well as assisted in the process of designing and building OR Pharmacy services for a Regional Medical Center in Provo, Utah. As the Corporate Pharmacy Compliance Manager, Michael oversees pharmacy compliance and all regulatory requirements related to DSCSA, 340B and contract pharmacy, controlled substances, USP 797, USP 795, and USP 800. He has helped to develop and conduct audits for all regulatory compliance standards related to pharmacy practice. Over the years, Michael has assisted with interpreting and identifying organizational risks and work plans for compliance related to new state regulations, proposed law changes, local coverage and national coverage determinations of impact on pharmacy compliance.

He has given numerous presentations to local and professional organizations specific to compliance and regulatory audits. Michael has written numerous ophthalmic articles on the practice of ophthalmic pharmacy and ophthalmic pharmaceuticals. He has been a co-author for numerous textbooks on ocular pharmacology and non-prescription ophthalmic pharmaceuticals. Michael currently sits on various committees and councils for pharmacy services and compliance, including acting as Chair of the Acute Care Pharmacy Charge Practice Council for Intermountain Pharmacy Services. He is also a faculty/preceptor member for Osler Institute, which instructs and prepares Ophthalmology MD’s to prepare for written and oral board exams.

Michael Jensen received a Masters in Pharmacy Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from the University of Utah College of Pharmacy.