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Zbigniew Lech
Zbigniew Lech
Senior Consultant

Zbigniew "Z" Lech works with Pharmacy Informatics and Technology clients, specifically with the Epic Electronic Health Record (EHR). Z's deep understanding of Epic's Willow modules helps clients achieve success in Pharmacy Services and medication-use outcomes.

Before joining Visante, Z was a Senior Applications Coordinator at Mass General Brigham in Boston, where he worked on the Clinician Decision Support team and focused on Best Practice Advisories (BPAs) configuration for various Epic application workflows. This cross-team nature of work experience leads to a deeper understanding of Epic and more significant support in the big picture. Besides Clinical Decision Support, Z's experience includes configuring and maintaining Epic features and functionality. Z maintains multiple Epic Certifications, including Willow Inpatient, Willow Ambulatory, Willow Inventory, and EpicCare Ambulatory.

Z has a long history in healthcare and started his Pharmacy Technician experience in retail. Additional Pharmacy experiences led him through many business spaces, including compounding, assisted living, inpatient, ambulatory, and oncology. Z also has experience with PBM claims adjudication, prior authorizations, drug replacement program enrollments, and drug assistance patient enrollments.

Z completed a Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Boston. Z double majored in Health Psychology, which helps to understand patients and their needs better.